The Cola Wars

9 09 2008

At first, I thought the whole affair was ridiculous. But how was I to know I’d just walked into a whole mess of trouble? I like to stir up trouble, not walk into it. All I wanted to know was why the newest employee (a girl from Ohio) kept getting made when I asked her if she wanted a Coke.

 How was I to know that was one of her biggest grievances in coming to Oklahoma? Everyone calling Pop ‘coke’? I was just curious. But I guess it’s like going to Norway and trying to get them to deliver you pizza – not gonna happen.

But, apparently, the whole Pop vs. Coke vs. Soda is quite a controversial issue. Not sure why, as its more of a trivia/informative fact than an argument, but alas people are interesting.

I managed to solve the trouble easily enough, by printing off this map that shows the distribution of the words by county. 120,464 people responded to the survey sent out before March 1, 2003 and revealed that a couple of states were as diverse at the rest of the country (while a few states are loyal to one word and one word only, seemingly).

Ohio is one of those States.

But, for me, the whole ‘Cola Wars’ idea is fascinating. If such demographics for words of beverages can divide the States, what other words do the same?

So, what do you say? Coke, Pop, Soda? Does it match up with the map? Or maybe its one of the words under the ‘Other’ section? Like soda-pop, cola, pepsi, fizzy beverage, drink, sody, etc.

For a full list of ‘Other’ click on the State names here:

Pride and loyalty stand true for the more common words, pop, soda, and coke. My Ohio friend likes to say that the only true word is Pop, and us Southerns in Oklahoma have is wrong for it can’t be coke (what with there being other brands) and New England too and California because ‘soda’ is too snotty.

Funy how words can stir up such reactions.




2 responses

12 09 2008

Why can’t we all just get along?

14 10 2008
Mel Odom

I didn’t know that had stats for this. Amazing.

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