Star Wars: The Force

20 09 2008

I’m not a gamer, I am, however, a Star Wars fan (who didn’t bother to see Clone Wars), but when the new game Star Wars: The Force Unleashed came out I was fascinated.

Having only a PSP, which still yields brilliant graphics, I bought the game and played for more than two hours straight (something I’ve never done). I bore easily of games, or grow irritated because I am, by no means, a good gamer – which means I hear a lot of repetitive dialogue during fights because I take so damn long to win.

However, the game itself is wicked. With a helping hand from George Lucas, the game investigates the years between episodes III and IV with Darth Vader’s apprentice as the main character.

Having this game brought up my desire to re-watch the Star Wars movies and re-visit the controversy of the last of the series (the first filmed, of course) to the beginning of the series (the last filmed, of course).

My opinion of the first three movies is that the casting was done poorly. Anakin should’ve looked a little older in in the first one, another boy (teenager boy) should’ve played in the second movie, and Hayden Christensen was fine in the third (very good at playing angry). I know they worked to make the actors look younger, and did a reasonable job, but its hard to get passed the fact they arethe same actors. Natalie Portman was well-enough in II and III, but should’ve been another actress in the I.

How is it that Anakin, a boy who looks no older than 9 in I, can fall in love with Padme, who looks 17 or older? And then, ten years later, why does shelook the same age but Anakin is older, obviously.

Star Wars is a great movie but little technicalities should’ve been considered – just to make it more realistic and more appealing to the upcoming generations. Though I feel bad for them because they don’t get the delightful surprise of “I am your Father” because they already know that from episode III.

As it is, I have to admit that I’m glad Lucas is still brimming with ideas for Star Wars and that he’s publishing them in unique ways.




One response

14 10 2008
Mel Odom

All that space travel evened the ages out. 😛

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