When Life Dulls

10 11 2008

Life can easily become routine and seemingly mundane. Life is long, hopefully, and time is even longer, hopefully. So, what to do when life becomes dull? Well, simple, make some food.

Not just any food, now. Don’t look on the Internet for recipes or talk to your friends about dishes they last made so to mimic them. No, just make something (or, if that’s too much for an organized person, zest up an old recipe randomly and uniquely).

But to just make food or to just add ingredients to food, it’s exciting. Have some left overs from that random time you went out to eat – are they starting to look less and less appetizing? Well, throw it into a frying pan, add some stuff from around the kitchen (like eggs or lemon juice or vodka) and cook it up. Sound gross? Might very well be, but at least you tried it.

Don’t have left overs? Well, you’ve food (hopefully), so whip it up! Take some rice, throw in some cooked tomatoes, maybe some peppers, even meat (if you like), add something juice/liquid wise and you’re set.

It’s all about artistic ability and living in the moment, adding a dash of this and a pinch of that. Some dishes will be disgusting, others will be amazing, and some will be in-between. But that’s why its exciting, because it’s an adventure.

Then there’s the adventure of altering the recipe – making a cake? Throw some rum on a part of it. Always wanted to know how that tastes. Making pasta? Try basting or marinating the noodles first. Enjoy spicy foods? Try cooking red and green peppers in the pan before or during the actual cooking of the meal.

Flavor is everything, remember.

Life is always a little more exciting when food is mysterious. Not mysterious in “am-I-going-to-get-food-poisoning” sort of way but just “is-this-going-to-make-me-drool-later-when-I-think-about-it?” No way life will loose its zeal if you’ve the possibility of making your taste buds orgasm.




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20 11 2008

My eye buds just orgasmed

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