When You Can’t Yell Fire

17 11 2008

Feeling particularly feisty? In a mood to cause trouble? Is the desire to regress to your childhood days when you were rotten overwhelming? No need to worry, you’re not the only one suffering mischief.

People, old and young, are licking popcorn and tossing it freely at others. Adults, parents especially, have fallen whim to putting ice down their kids’ shirts – in public. And it’s always best to watch the old women who walk the malls, they’ve some quick feet good for a trip.

So, maybe the weather is the cause or maybe the upcoming holiday (Thanksgiving) is, but either way, mischief is in the air.

And this means getting creative! Yelling “Fire” is illegal nowanddays, and licking popcorn just makes you more hungry than amused. So, let’s look to other things.

Such as, when you’re making a presentation first begin by asking if everyone will pat their head, rub their stomachs  when you say ‘go’ – trust me, people will do it, thinking it’s part of your presentation. It’s extremely entertaining because they do it, expecting something, and then are forced to laugh and blush when they realize they’ve been duped.

Or, are you in a public setting? At a sporting event, concert, speech, or just waiting for the movie to start? Then look up, and stare. I mean, stare. Glancing up repeatedly is entertaining and fun, but staring has a far better result. (And if you can, get your friends or neighbors to participate).

Slowly, like a domino effect, the surrounding crowd will begin to look up themselves. Mere glances at first, then full out staring and searching. What is she looking at? They’ll wonder and question, nudging their neighbors and turning to ask others. And, just like a wildfire, the question will spread and the people will stare.

Until, eventually, everyone is staring up at the ceiling. Ah, what fun it is. It’s even better if you’re witty/clever enough to come up with something to say that’ll cause everyone to blanch or look away angry and embarrassed.

Mischief is on a high right now, but to make the most of it you have to think outside the box. Subtlety and creativity are an all time must. So, if you’re feeling particularly feisty and rotten, make your mischief worth its while.




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