The Beauty of Creativity

23 11 2008

The world is full of obsessions, addictions, and devotions to movies, books, and music.

And these obsessions, these addictions, they inspire people of all ages, shapes, and sizes.  They make people think and create and use their own ingenuity to further their devotion and possibly instill it in others.

The Internet offers many outlets for this creativity, such as Fan Fiction and Fan Videos. Both are extremely popular, often gathering a following of their very own. Fan Fiction offers a chance for people to write with already established characters in an already established setting – but the idea, the plot of that story, is all their own.

Fan videos are a touch more complicated, because the vidders strive to create a flawless movie worthy of theaters/t.v. – most videos are music videos, but there are several that are ‘mini-episodes’ and trailers for Fan Fiction or possible plot-lines.

One exciting phenomenon of Fan Fiction and Fan videos is ‘AU’ (alternate universes) that are ‘Crossovers’ with other fandoms. A mix and match up of two different obsessions, such as Harry Potter and Twilight.

There are hundreds of these videos and fan fictions on the Internet and they all encompass an undeniably creative flare. Some are basics, like mixing HP and Twilight, but there are others a little more inventive, such as Pirates of the Caribbean and Doctor Who or Harry Potter. Many fans of anime will mix and match up Avatar: the Last Airbender and Naruto or Bleach.

TV shows aren’t immune to this phenomenon – Heroes and Smallville have been matched up, Lost has dozens of mixes, and BBC shows such as Doctor Who and Robin Hood have many crossovers.

Then there are the really creative crossovers! Such as this Joker/Hermione pairing I’ve recently discovered on YouTube.  Sweeney Todd also has a fate with the Joker and Doctor Who on YouTube.

This YouTube video by xxtingxx shows this Joker/Hermione pairing I mentioned:

This video, along with the idea of Fan Fiction and other Fan videos (crossovers or not) is amazingly creatively. When people come to love something, they make the most of what they love. They write their own plots (sometimes more interesting than the original plot) and make their own shows.

This is the Beauty of Creativity.




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