LOST to be Solved?

23 01 2009

The 5th season of LOST premiered last night (January 21st) on ABC. And while it competed with Lie to Me (FOX) and Criminal Minds (CBS), LOST still averaged 16 million viewers.

And what a premire it was! LOST is well-known for its twists, flash backs and flash forwards, and a whole cast of characters (on and off the island) that haunt the plot (even if they’re dead). And finally, finally!, the pieces are falling together – or so, we think they are.

Many times a viewer will think they’ve discovered a piece to the puzzle that is LOST, only to realize they hadn’t and were (in fact) rather wrong. But, this season…this season feels special. (Or maybe it’s because it was said during the recap that this season the pieces would come together…)

As it is, we ended last season with the Oceanic 6 (Jack, Kate, Sayid, Hurley, Sun, and baby Aaron) dealing with life off the island, the dead body of John Locke, and the island disappearing in a flash of white light.  And we began this season with the realization that Oceanic 6 should’ve never left the island, a good amount of manipulation of power and even time, more questions to who’s good and who’s bad, and, of course, the fact they (Oceanic 6) have to go back to the island.

A thoroughly compacted 2hr premiere, LOST is keeping to its standard. Full of twists and turns, the premiere has probably generated more theories than answers – but who wants all the answers right at the start? That ruins all the fun!

This season looks to be as exciting and suspenseful as the last 4 and with time in a flux, who knows what’s going to happen!


The Chaos

6 09 2008

ATTENTION! We’ve breaking news – the year has gone and gotten lost! Yes, lost. And now, having lost structure, time is collapsing; years are bombarding each other, months are going rapid, weeks are smutty, and days are off floundering around.

Europe has lost the night, Brazil claims to be selling saviors that look suspiciously like mongooses, Coach believes that purses can talk, New York has turned to the left of Vermont, and Hawaii is swimming away.

Superman lost the ability to fly, mid-flight, and his body hasn’t been found. Sherlock Holmes has been kidnapped by Auguste Duplin. King Arthur fell through the White Rabbit’s hole, colliding into a bemused William Shakespeare. Together they trotted off, in search of the golden ticket, and haven’t been seen since.

Other people have gone missing, ones not worthy enough to be mentioned, and others, non-existent before, have appeared. Yet, impossibly, all those from the lost year have somehow faded in and out of existence, speaking but not speaking, warning but joking.

Captain Nemo is caught under the sea, covered by thousands of octopuses that are dying for his autograph. Don Quixote is trying to gather up protégés while insisting that a decree is pursued to put all windmills under house arrest.

Days are awkwardly missing at times. Wednesday is fascinated with Norway and usually Friday has to bring it back. Tuesday and Thursday are often caught dancing in wishing wells, and Monday talks non-stop. Sunday and Saturday have run off together and a search party organized by March is pricking and prodding through Iron Man’s liar.

September freed Professor Plum and Miss Scarlett from Clue and Christmas keeps chasing them off from Monopoly.

Doctor Who has come and gone, seeing the situation as unsalvageable. Harry Potter joined with Bella from Twilight to find Mr. Darcy, who ran away with August.

And January has decided to run off the world’s edge – a suicide that brings the world skidding to a halt.


And so the world ended, not with a bang but a whimper (just as T.S. Eliot predicted).